Mam and Ralph discover Thailand winter 2000


BAD girl and BAD boy finding each other


0-th Honeymoon on Koh Samui

A good girl is of course never drinking beer, and especially not from the bottle!!! Bad girl.....

Of course I did not know how bad Mam was when we met the first time in Bangkok, shortly after my arrival on December 11. She looked so incredibly sweet and innocent...

Perfectly matching the Royal Palace I would say



This took some very definite pondering. Walking hand in hand in the Royal Palace, Mam told me she already knew everything about me - a fortune teller had told her the most horrible things the week before, and they fitted perfectly! I think I said "Hmmmmm....." And consulted my "1001 Ways to Convince an Innocent Thai Ladythat the situation could improve" - still believing she was just that.

Time for some action. We bought tickets!!! And the next evening we settled on a bus. 11 hours later she was finally asleep on my shoulder and we were brutally dumped at 5AM, close to a big sign saying "Boat to Koh Samui in 3 hours."

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